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So fresh and so green

Four eco-friendly ways to wash your clothes.

In order to do your laundry in an environmentally friendly way, you no longer have to beat your clothes on a rock at the nearby creek. Here are some tips on how to save energy and time when washing your clothes:

1) Don’t wash them. This is easy. Wait as long as possible to have a full load, and wear things more than once. Airing out clothes in between wears on the back of a chair or a rack prepares them for the next time you put them on.

2) Once you have a full load, try to keep the washer and dryer full to efficiently use the energy. Using a more concentrated detergent also reduces the need for product packaging, and lasts for more loads. For a natural fabric softener, add a half-cup of white vinegar to your wash cycle.

3) Make sure to set the dial to wash with cold water. Most of the energy (about 95 percent) used in washing laundry goes into heating the water. Hot water shrinks, fades, and wears down your clothes more anyway.

4) Use sunshine. Drying at least half your washing in the open air would save 723 pounds of carbon dioxide from being pumped into the atmosphere, and your clothes won’t get twisted or wrinkled like they would in a dryer. You and your energy bill will also be free from ironing.

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