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Beavers, lizards and lacrosse -- oh, my!

The Beaver family lives for lacrosse, and have found use for their love of the sport both on and off the field.

Lacrosse runs deep in the Beaver family.

The sport brought the parents, Anne and Chris, together as children. Now, their daughter Gabrielle, 10, and son Jacob, 8, are growing up lacrosse aficionados.

Both children received sticks from their father before they even left the maternity ward. These days, Gabrielle and Jacob play for traveling club teams. Jacob even attends lacrosse camp.

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The kids dream about playing for Syracuse University one day and paid an unusual tribute to their three idols on the team. They made their pet lizards the players' namesakes.

To these kids, lacrosse is more than just a sport that teaches them team work, sharing and coordination. Jacob honed his math skills by following the numbers on the players' jerseys.

Their parents are helping them achieve their goals by bringing them to see their SU heroes in action.

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