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Anja Chavez: The Warehouse Gallery Curator

Anja Chavez, the curator of the Warehouse Art Gallery, reveals the numerous behind-the-scenes aspects of curating.

Anja Chavez is constantly moving. From her office to the gallery. From the gallery to the entrance desk. From the desk back to her office, and beyond.

It’s all part of a museum curator’s job. 

Chavez has been the curator of the Warehouse Art Gallery since September 2008, and has brought both local and non-local artists to Syracuse to display their work. After getting her start in Europe, she came to Syracuse to bring her passion for art to the community.

Recently, Chavez brought the work of Alyson Shotz, an artist from Brooklyn, to the Warehouse Art Gallery. Chavez has followed Shotz’s work for years, and after going to see one of Shotz’s exhibits, she decided to feature the artist’s work in Syracuse.

“I mentioned to her, ‘Look, I don’t want to just wait until I do something with your work and exhibit your work. I really want to do something,’” Chavez said. “When I started here, I suggested the idea that I’d love to propose to her to have that solo exhibition.”

Those who visit the Warehouse Art Gallery and admire the works displayed there could not do so without Chavez’s undeniable work ethic. From daily correspondences to a plethora of meetings, Chavez is the person who keeps the gallery running.

More than that, though, she makes certain that each gallery experience is different.

“I make sure that the exhibitions are on time, and that there is a variety of programming that is exciting,” said Chavez. “That there is not just the exhibition itself but that there are also lectures and talks and events.”

Her life as a museum curator may be hectic and filled to capacity, but Chavez said there is one aspect of her work that keeps her coming back for more.

“To see the excitement, when you have an audience and they’re just stunned,” Chavez said. “As a curator, you feel ‘Yes, that’s what you want to see happening.’ And it’s a gift to see it.”

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