Winter fashion

Stay stylish even during the coldest, snowiest months in Syracuse.

The first snowfall has already come to Syracuse, so it’s time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe. Although you may be dreading the return of freezing temperatures and trudging through inches of snow, there are plenty of ways to spice up your cold weather outfits to stay stylish all winter long.

“You can make your look practical for the winter weather, but there’s always a way to kind of tweak it to still make it really cute and stylish,” said Margaret Partyka, owner and buyer of Some Girls Boutique on Marshall Street.

Partyka said layering is important when constructing a winter ensemble — and it can even be as simple as a pair of cozy socks or leggings.

“I’ve been seeing tights with socks over them and sometimes it’s hard to get thigh-high socks like that,” Partyka said. “There’s a cute little trick you can do with cutting the foot of a sock and putting it at the top of your boot, making your boot look like it’s layered without having the bulk.”

The fear of looking bulky is what holds back a lot of people when trying to pile on the layers, but Partyka said a bulkier look is actually in this season.

“These bulkier, Rachel Zoe-style fur vests are big and you can actually wear your leather bomber, or maybe not the warmest jacket you have, over the fur vest,” she said. “It will make your jacket look like it’s lined with the fur.”

SU junior information technology major Lisa Krystofik agrees. “I'm a fan of the classic fur vest,” she said. “You can easily add that to any sort of basic dress and spice it up with a pair of tights.”

Krystofik said one of her other favorite fur pieces is a vintage fur hat because of "it's so warm."

Partyka’s top layering pieces, she said, are long thermals, much like long johns, and shiny leggings from American Apparel. Krystofik agreed that leggings are key, adding she usually pairs hers with an oversized men’s sweater and the newest addition to her wardrobe, Tecnica Moon Boots.

“They look like astronaut boots but they’re so fun, I couldn't resist — even though I will be made fun of,” she said.

Footwear is a touchy subject for both Partyka and Krystofik, both of whom take issue with some of the boots they see around campus during the cold-weather months.

“One trend that I hate is Hunter rain boots during the winter,” Krystofik said. “They’re rain boots, people, and it’s Syracuse (in the) winter.”

Partyka’s main problem is with suede boots, such as Uggs, during the wettest, messiest season of the year. “I would like to see people get a little more practical ... especially with some of these rubber-bottom boots, like duck boots,” she said. “They’re a little more practical with the slushy wetness of snow.”

Whatever your footwear of choice, there are plenty of options to keep your toes warm during the long winter ahead. As for the rest of your body, pile on those layers and keep being your stylish self. Remember, just because the weather looks dreary doesn’t mean you have to.

Photo by Idhren


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