What we're reading: February 14

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today.

What we're reading:

Cook, eat together to feed your relationship

(USA Today) Food can be one of the best ways to spend time with your significant other—and actually pay attention to them. Food and the process of eating are very sensual, and opening yourself up to trying new foods can spicy up the relationship, literally! So instead of just buying each other chocolate this Valentine's Day, try cooking something with chocolate together or tasting new chocolate flavors to experience something new.

Valentine's Day Wine and Chocolate Pairings

(The Daily Beast) Hungry Beast did a great job creatig the best pairs of wine and chocolate for this lovers' day. Check out their combos to get the most from your wining and dining.

Why Coffee Dates Make Great First Dates

(Serious Eats) There's nothing like grabbing coffee with someone who could turn out the be The One. Serious Eats explains all the best reasons to take a new love-interest out for coffee so you both can get to know each other. After all, what you order from DD or Starbucks really speaks to your character.


What we want to make:

Olive You! (Martini & Olive Valentine Cookies)

(Bake at 350) These simple sugar cookies decorated for Valentine's Day are the perfect gift for all your loved ones! They also make a great activity to do together with your friends while watching a fun V-Day movie!

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