Student groups collaborate to end cyber bullying

Syracuse University organizations sign resolution to induce change in code of student conduct.

Multiple student organizations at Syracuse University joined forces today in signing a resolution that constitutes a commitment to changing the university’s current code of student conduct regarding harassment. Currently, the code of conduct does not consider cyber bullying a form of harassment, but the joint resolution signed by the Student Association, Residence Hall Association, Panhellenic Council and Pride Union, ensures that the policy will explicitly address cyber bullying in the future. The resolution also details the groups’ commitment to education on the gravity of cyber bullying.

“For the typical college student, College ACB and Facebook have become feeding grounds for mocking and tormenting,” Amy Snider, chief of staff of the Student Association, said. “We all have diverse backgrounds and a variety of experiences here at SU. With this resolution, we are hoping to encourage greater tolerance of peers.”

The severity of cyber bullying has become increasingly apparent in recent years. Suicides of high school and university students due to cyber bullying have gained nationwide media attention, and raised awareness to the potentially devastating effects of engaging in inappropriate behavior online.

Student groups at SU have recognized the threat of cyber bullying, and are taking steps to eliminate it from campus. They aim specifically to educate students on the effects of online gossip and cyber bullying, and to put an end to student engagement with sites such as College ACB. The goal of these organizations is to be proactive, rather than reactive.

“The biggest focus is education surrounding the issue because it would be very difficult to completely stop it,” Nathaniel Berger, president of the Residence Hall Association, said. “Many don’t realize that online habits can affect other people.”

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