To retweet or not to retweet?

Here's how we cashed in on the Nicki Minaj rumor mill for April Fools' Day.

Thank you, Nicki Minaj and Sabine DaSilva. Your tweets inspired us. After a major rumor dropped on Twitter mid-March about pop sensation Minaj headlining the SU Block Party, the school, the students and Minaj herself got into a slight yet public kerfuffle. It was too good to pass up.

Our photo editor Cheryl Mowczan whipped up a faux University Union poster including Minaj as the still-unannounced special guest. With the Block Party special guest still a mystery, we snagged a hefty bunch of retweets before readers remembered it was April 1.

We were also delighted to see a couple readers remembered last year's prank declaring Charlie Sheen would receive an honorary degree from Syracuse University. Thanks for playing along, calling us out and as always, thanks for visiting.

Here are a few of the reactions we got via Twitter:

Happy April Fools' Day from all of us!

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