Nassib gets the Gruden treatment

Former NFL head coach John Gruden critiques former SU quarterback and current NFL prospect Ryan Nassib on ESPN’s “Gruden’s QB Camp.'

As the starting quarterback of the Orange, Ryan Nassib won two Pinstripe Bowls and led Syracuse to a number of fourth quarter comebacks and upsets over top-25 teams. He did this despite having to learn multiple offensive schemes and facing the task of rejuvenating a football program that recently had not been very competent.

In other words, he faced many pressure-packed situations during his collegiate career.

However, Syracuse fans watched Nassib confront an entirely new form of pressure on Thursday night as former NFL head coach John Gruden evaluated his talents and flaws.

The session aired as part of ESPN’s “Gruden’s QB Camp,” an annual series of short televised advising sessions during which Gruden, the current Monday Night Football broadcaster, meets with NFL Draft prospects to offer his take on their potential as professional athletes.

Despite being known as a hothead, Gruden remained lighthearted throughout the informal talent evaluation. Luckily for Nassib, he also had a great deal of praise for the Pennsylvania native.

Among other qualities, he said that Nassib is “athletic, smart, tough, and a finisher.”

Of course, the most important skill for a quarterback is throwing ability. In this regard, Gruden explained that Nassib is a gifted player.

“The way he threw the football was as impressive as any guy I’ve seen in this draft,” he said. “He’s very accurate, has excellent touch. He’s gonna be a good player, you watch and see.”

That being said, he also told Nassib to work on one particular area of his game.

“You’ve got some of the worst slides I’ve ever seen in my life,” he told Nassib.

Even still, he lauded the gunslinger’s athletic mobility. He called Nassib a “nuisance runner,” saying that he is “just gonna drive somebody crazy.”

Throughout the course of the program, the signal-caller maintained a quiet and attentive demeanor.

However, he did offer some insights into his experience as a member of the Orange. When asked about his success in Syracuse’s relatively new up-tempo offense, Nassib explained that the team’s extensive use of the no-huddle paid big dividends.

“I feel like I have a good feel for it. I did it a lot,” he told Gruden. “We were basically in two minute mode the whole time.”

Finally, Gruden also brought up the possibility of Nassib being drafted by the Buffalo Bills, a decision that would reunite him with his former head coach at Syracuse, Doug Marrone.

Playing for Marrone and the Bills would be welcomed, Nassib said, but he would not be care either way.

“On paper it sounds like the best fit,” he noted, “but wherever I end up, I’ll be happy.”

The NFL Draft is scheduled for April 25.

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