The little legend returns to his basketball home.

Fasten your seat belt, the flashy Allen Iverson returned to the city that loves him.

Fasten your seat belts the flash Allen Iverson returned to the city loves him.

The most fearless player in basketball history, Iverson skipped to Broad Street in a Philadelphia 76ers jersey Monday night against the Denver Nuggets. Divorced from the City of Brotherly Love franchise in 2007, His crossover, his speed and his scoring over 30 points per game) took rich round ball tradition in southeastern Pennsylvania all the way to the 2001 NBA Finals.

Historically a marked man recently stung by the rejection of NBA teams, was lent the holiday miracle of redemption. He returned the favor, kissing midcourt in the Wachovia Center floor. Once vilified for his lifestyle, Iverson brought his brand of entertainment back, a show of all shows. The building was full and everyone basketball fan was there, including SU alum Donovan McNabb.

“You gotta wind it up, bounce back. Do the rubber tree.” New song by Creed Bratton –yes Creed from Scranton, Pa., a paper guy in “The Office.” Halftime Snack was in Scranton this year.

A move made more for business; the 76ers are hurting at the ticket office (just over 3,000 at the previous home game) and Comcast, an ownership interest in both the 76ers and the Flyers, has just offered up a large stack of its cash for a little media company in Rockefeller Center.

Tickets needed to be sold, a headliner, a golden oldie, one more walk to remember.

The original A.I. hit double figures (11 points) and juiced up the A.I. with youthful legs (forward Andre Iguodala), who added to the performance with a, ho, hum, reverse two-handed jam. Igga-dolla-dolla-dolla (PA announcer Matt Cord’s rendition) ended the half by sinking a full-court heave. The buzzer went off, and the basket did not count. See the replay here.

Halftime Snack loves memories; the personal pictures hold not just 1,000 words, but 1,000 stories, conversations and moments.

In 2004, Allen Iverson walked by Halftime Snack in a Wachovia Center hallway, No. 3  jersey pulled on and trademark braids pulled out.

Nearly three hours before tip-off, the star was in the building.

“Check that out,” Halftime Snack was not shy about pointing at the long, black hair stretching halfway down the number on his back.

“It’s crazy, right?” Iverson said.

He walked down the hall way to see the hair stylist and later that night, ran past the Hornets for 55 points in a playoff win.

We welcome AI back with open

We welcome AI back with open arms! Glad to see the Philly love is still strong in Syracuse.

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