"Life. Love. Time Travel." brings food, fun and Capri-Sun to Craft Chemistry

Review: Creator Joe Blum's comedic webseries and the art inspired by it are greeted enthusiastically at a packed reception.

A packed house, techno beats, art and comedy filled Craft Chemistry on Saturday night for the artist reception of Howard Rights His Wrongs and 15 other local artists. Excited attendees from SU and the Syracuse community gathered to support creator, actor and writer Joe Blum in his reception for the webseries.

Attendance was high throughout the night as Blum’s series was projected and guests mingled and were treated to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Capri-Sun, popcorn and other tasty dishes. While Blum and other artists celebrated their work, a DJ spun electronic music for the event. “Life. Love. Time Travel.” was the theme of the night at Craft Chemistry, which often serves as a popular location for local artists and was a fitting venue for Blum and the artists who exhibited works relating to the theme in paintings, photographs and drawings.

Audience participation was another feature of the night. To view the most recent episode, attendees were invited to a “time machine” viewing space. Featuring a hanging cardboard sign with an “on/off” switch scribbled in Sharpie, it was installed in one of Craft Chemisty’s pillow-filled window displays. Guests climbed inside the interactive booth to watch the sixth episode of the webseries on an iPad that was mounted in a contraption that looked like a time capsule.

On the wall next to the exhibited art, attendees had the opportunity to write their responses to time travel related questions on Post-It Notes.  “If you had the opportunity to visit one place in time, where would you go?” generated a lot of buzz and gathered a variety of fun and serious responses by the end of the night, including “home on the prairie,” "dinosaur times," and “the invention of the first cookie. The good one.”

Howard Rights His Wrongs, which is filmed in Syracuse, comically tells the story of time travel and how Howard uses this ability to change the past, or rather, “right his wrongs.” Blum, an adjunct professor of multimedia storytelling at SU, began filming the series two years ago.

"Howard Rights His Wrongs: Life. Love. Time Travel." will be on display at Craft Chemistry until Nov. 3. Admission is free.

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