Juice Jam 2016: What to know before you go

Haven't heard of every artist who's performing in our backyard on Sunday? Look no further; here's an introductory course on all the amazing sounds that'll be heard in a couple days.

Before classes even began, new and returning students alike were counting down the days until Juice Jam 2016. With buses starting to take students to Skytop Field at 11 a.m. on Sunday, the day has finally come. Headliner Fetty Wap, a New Jersey rapper best known for his hit single “Trap Queen,” will take the stage with Monty alongside other performers including pop artist Tove Lo, DJ and producer Marshmello, rapper D.R.A.M., indie electronic artist Stephen, and rock artist LOLO.

Headliner Fetty Wap exploded in popularity after his debut in 2014. His first song "Trap Queen" has more than 130 million plays on SoundCloud and has been on repeat on the radio since then.

Another hit that Fetty released is "679.” If you're heading into Juice Jam without hearing Fetty's sound before, here's a sneak peak.

Another brand new artist that has risen to the top of the charts is Marshmello, who bursted into the EDM scene in 2015. His identity remains hidden behind a gigantic white mask, but due to similarities such as tattoos and music styles, many think this is an alternate persona created by Dotcom, a DJ who has been around since 2006. Regardless of who the man behind the mask is, Marshmello is a dope artist that Syracuse University will love.

Swedish performer Tove Lo has been around since 2006, but the electro-pop singer's breakthrough single "Habits (Stay High),” which was re-released in 2014, spawned numerous remixes from top DJs and artists from around the world, making her a more well-known name. Her 2015 single "Talking Body,” which was also remixed mercilessly, is a great song to open an opinion of her.

Next up is electronic artist Stephen. Around since 2012, he got his big break covering Adele's monster hit "Hello.” He released his debut album, Sincerely, which featured the song "Crossfire,” this past May. The song deals with the current conflict and subsequent hostage crisis in Syria. It's a magnificent track that definitely deserves attention.

D.R.A.M. is a German-born rapper who is another new face in the music industry. Following his debut in 2014 and first single "Cha Cha" in 2015, he received major radio play for hit single "Broccoli" featuring rapper Lil Yachty. This song has been everywhere, but if this is the first you're hearing D.R.A.M.'s name, here is Broccoli.

Last but not least, LOLO is an alternative artist who received her big break in 2010, when rapper Talib Kweli remixed her song "Painkillers.” It debuted at No. 84 on the top 100. LOLO also appeared in the Panic! At The Disco song "Miss Jackson” in 2013. The Tennessee native frequently opens for the band, so it was only fitting they would invite her to feature.One of her best standalone records is the 2013 "Heard It From a Friend.”

Juice Jam 2016 sold out rapidly, and for good reason; this year's lineup is incredible, and spectators are in for a phenomenal show.

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