Jeremy Zucker balances college and music

Juice Jam Artist Interview: While taking molecular and cellular biology classes, the R&B artist still finds time to work on his music.

Juice Jam 2017 opener Jeremy Zucker is not only an R&B pop artist and producer, he’s also a Colorado College senior.

While the 21 year old describes his molecular and cellular biology program as extremely academically rigorous, he gets at least two or three hours a day to mess around in his studio basement.

“I’m in like a cancer cell bio class right now,” Zucker said. “(But) I’m not going to cure cancer.”

As his music has taken off, Zucker said it’s gotten harder to stay on top of his academic life, but with only a year left he plans to stick it out and earn his degree.

His musical influences consist of Jon Bellion, Eden, and Blackbear – who he has collaborated with on a few tracks – but he said he doesn’t get attached to many artists. Zucker finds his recent signing to Republic Records validating, but he says that’s not why he signed.

“I knew the music I was making was super accessible and had a lot of potential,” Zucker said. “But I never had the means to get it out there.”

With the backing of Republic, Zucker can finally get his music in the hands of a larger audience. He credits his success so far to streaming and the lowered barrier to entry for artists.

As far as his performance at Sunday's Juice Jam, he said he had a lot of fun. As his first show in a festival setting, Zucker considers it a good warm up for any upcoming festivals he's invited to play.

The real bonus for Zucker was that several friends were in the Juice Jam crowd, which made the show worth the classes back in Colorado he had to miss Monday.

Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy Zucker at Juice Jam 2017 (Photo: Abby Rose Sugnet)

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