The good, the bad, and the "eh" of Super Bowl ads

Here's The NewsHouse's picks for some of the best and worst ads from this year's Super Bowl

The Good

NFL, Deion Sanders get's re-drafted - It feels bad to give the NFL the award for best ad in an NFL-sponsored event, but you can't deny they did a good job. The incorporation of Deion Sanders, humor, and a giant afro made Leon Sandcastle's, who's just "an uglier Deion Sanders," NFL debut just one of the highlights of this year's ads.

Oreo, Cookie vs. cream debate - Everyone's experienced this great debate, but Oreo took it to the next level with the mayhem that ensues following a seemingly calm, not to mention quiet, agrument. The key to this ad's success with combining chaos as "inside voices," which provided for a pretty entertaining thirty seconds.

Taco Bell, Viva Young - Old people commercials tend to be funny, especially when they're doing things like sneaking out late at night or pressing up against a glass window at a diner, but this one was down-right hilarious. Taco Bell always brings its A-game when it comes to Super Bowl ads, and they don't disappoint this year.

The Bad, Perfect Match - Nobody is surprised by to the annual GoDaddy commerical with a beautiful women doing some either dumb, funny or sexy, but this year's ad was none of these. Instead, you get Bar Rafeali kissing the sterotypical nerd in arguable the most awkward kiss of 2013. Not only was it weird, the smooching sounds were very disturbing.

CBS, 2 Broke Girls Super Bowl Spectacular - "Wait. Why are we doing this again?" Exactly. Just because "it's for the the Super Bowl," doesn't mean a commercial can just have pole dancing for no reason. There needed to be a point to the ad and there wasn't one.

The "Eh"

Pistachios, Cracking Style - Maybe it's because Gangnam Style is overplayed or maybe it's because pistachios commericials are usually original, but there was a general disagreement as to whether this commericial was good or not. Therefore, by default, it was considered an okay ad.

If you want to check out the rest of the ads from the big game, check them out here.

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