Football Friday - Penn State

Orange football team heads south for monster road game.

There is nothing the Orange can lose in Happy Valley. 

Halftime Snack is late this week -- poor planning and an active sports-social calendar on the South Side (SU field hockey and then Corcoran HS football) cut Friday Football at its knees.  But that does not mean Snack isn't thinking this morning:

I LIKE MIKE:  SU receiver Mike Williams puts the touchdown streak on the line against a young Nittany Lion defensive backfield.  Here's to hoping he gets a ball his way before the end of the first quarter, unlike the Minnesota game.  Halftime Snack falls deeper in love with Williams after seeing his blocking ability on the edge.

1959:   The best football team in Cuse history took on Minnesota in the second week, and the best part of the Terps team coming in?  You guessed it:  the kicking game.  Maryland "ace" kicker Vince Scott booted a trio of three-pointers two weeks prior against West Virginia.  The Terps came into the game limping (QB Richie Novak sprained his ankle badly in the previous game at Texas and would not play) and relied on the old "I" formation made famous by Notre Dame.  The Hillmen showed little confusion with the offensive set, holding Maryland to just 29 yards in a 29-0 drubbing.


SU Score:  Penn State 43, SU 23 -- Orange display more wrinkles in offensive playbook, including showcasing the strong arm of backup QB Ryan Nassim.  Watch the play of the PSU offensive line against the SU defensive front:  Art Jones has some young Nittany Lions in front of him and should have fun chasing Darryl Clark and his stable of running backs.

Game of the Week:  North Carolina at Connecticut -- this would be the game of the year if a basketball was involved, but what a job by both athletic departments to build up strong football programs (both teams are now flirting with national rankings week-in and week-out).  Look for the Tar Heels to win ths one, too many questions about UConn's offense remain.

Who Said That?:  "Sometimes I can't see [SU kicker Ryan Lichtenstein] if he's turned sideways."  -- Orange Assistant Head Coach and Special Teams Coordinator Bob Casullo.

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