ESPNU provides unique inside look on Syracuse football

ESPNU's "All-Access" visited Syracuse last week while the team prepared for a game. The program aired twice on Sept. 25.

Syracuse football is in the middle of a new era as first year head coach Scott Shafer guides the program in a new direction this season. ESPNU conducted filming an inside look on how Syracuse was preparing for it's game against Tulane on Sept. 21. 

The "All-Access" showed the discussions Shafer had with both players and coaches as they set to begin the week of practice. Players were seen taking part in meetings with positional coaches and reviewing tape on how to improve techniques.

Specifically, the film presented conversations between the quarterbacks and quarterback coach Tim Lester.

ESPNU also provided live footage of a Tueday practice at the Syracuse facilities, where they showed Shafer and the coordinators encouraging their players and showing them techniques on the field. The players were also shown working one-on-one with the athletic trainers in the weightroom.

The 30-minute film also provided a behind-the-scenes look of SU's awards hall, including the Heisman trophy won by Ernie Davis, the first African-American to win the award.

The Orange host the Clemson Tigers on Oct. 5.

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