Farhad Peikar


About Me: 

Farhad Peikar is a contributor to The NewsHouse. He is a graduate student at the Maxwell School, working on his master’s degree in International Relations and Public Administration.  He is also a part time editor at Afghanistan-today, a training project that mentors Afghan writers and photographers on the job and publishes their products on its websiteHe earned his B.A in Law and Political Science at Kabul University.

 Prior to joining the Maxwell School, he was the bureau chief for Deutsche Presse Agency (dpa), covering the conflict in Afghanistan and leading a group of six reporters. His other past experience includes working for CNN TV and Radio as a freelance reporter from 2007-2008 and was the Afghanistan correspondent for Spanish News Agency (efe) from 2004-2006. He has also worked as a freelance writer and op-ed contributor for The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Euroasia Review and The National, among others. He covered the UN general assembly in 2006, and became part of a documentary produced in Nebraska later that year. His interests include reading, traveling, watching political TV shows and playing volleyball.


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