Your Take: Campus security cameras

SU students react to 168 new surveillance cameras placed near the entrances and exits of campus residence halls.

Syracuse University’s Department of Public Safety recently completed a long-term project to bring 168 surveillance cameras to campus residence halls and one academic building.

While the cameras are constantly rolling, DPS dispatchers are not always monitoring the footage.  If a crime occurs near an SU dorm, DPS officials will check the tape and see who has been hanging around the building.

Photo: Jamie De Pould
A security camera at the entrance of Watson Hall.

The cameras are positioned near the entrances and exits of every residence hall and in Hinds Hall, according to a recent article in the Daily Orange.

Students in ICC 300/600: Web Journalism and Innovation compiled opinions on Tuesday about the new surveillance program and whether the cameras will increase safety or infringe on students' privacy.

Nice job, Jamie.

Nice job, Jamie.

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