Women's Club Gymnastics captain talks life as a gymnast

Lifelong gymnast Lauren Woolhiser chats with The NewsHouse about what it takes to be competitive collegiate gymnast.

Lauren Woolhiser can’t remember a time before she tumbled. After attending a parent-taught gymnastics class when she was four and promptly deciding she could perform the skills alone, the gym became her second home. “I fell in love with the sport as soon as I walked into the gym. It was all I ever talked about,” said Woolhiser, now the captain of Syracuse Club Gymnastics.

Originally from Horseheads, New York, Woolhiser competed with the Elmira Gymnastics Club through her adolescent and high school career. Being one of the only Level 9 USA Gymnasts on her team, Woolhiser often traveled to meets only with the support of her parents and coaches. Knowing she wanted to compete on a club team in college, she chose SU because of their gym facilities and select athletes. “Competing with girls who are actually my age and having more of a team aspect here at Syracuse is amazing,” Woolhiser said.

As captain, Woolhiser has high hopes for nationals and is very excited too see the team grow and develop through the rest of the season.


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