Who is SU's top bachelor?

We were looking for the B.B.O.C -- Best Bachelor on Campus -- and you can help decide between our two contenders.

Earlier this year, we asked for your input on which Syracuse University men would make great candidates for an most eligible bachelor contest. We narrowed your suggestions to two bachelors from Syracuse University who participated in a video interview in which they shared the personal likes and dislikes, answered telling questions and made a case that they should be considered the campus' top bachelor.

With the competition is intended to be strictly for fun, we do want to hear what you think about the two contenders -- Dalton Williams and Matt Moeller. Post a comment below and cast your vote for your favorite bachelor. You can vote on The NewsHouse Facebook page, too.

So watch the video above and decide who should win this year's SU's Battle of the Bachelors.

Dalton WilliamsBachelor #1: Dalton Williams

Dalton is senior in the Whitman School of Management studying supply chain and marketing management.  The Towanda, Penn., native would describe himself as a guitar if asked, and we'll let him explain why.  Dalton considers himself adventurous, likes beach vacations and bonds with his miniature schnauzer.






Matt MoellerBachelor #2: Matt Moeller

Matt is a graduate student in the Military Photojournalism program at the Newhouse School. Originally from Milwaukee, Matt enjoys surfing the Internet, dining at appeThaizing and admitting that You've Got Mail is his favorite "chick flick."  Watch out for his pickup lines, they'll have you swooning!


Go for Matt Moeller! :)

Go for Matt Moeller! :)

Team Chipotle

I'm going Team Chipotle on this one.

Also, if the two of us are the two most eligable bachloers on campus, I feel really bad for the women of Syracuse University.

um chipotle, strawberry

um chipotle, strawberry shortcake, & downhil ski racing? SOLD.

I'd date Chipotle. lolll

I'd date Chipotle. lolll


I really do not know why one would not vote for the one person who is intending to treat this position of honor with the dignity and respect that it deserves.

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