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Treat yourself this Halloween

You're too old to be trick-or-treating so consider these for the scariest day of the year.

Why is this night different from all other nights? Halloween is an excuse to dress up and over indulge, which is what many college students do on normal weekends.

Try celebrating the holiday this year by treating yourself to these Halloween to-do’s for something different:

1. Attend a “Rocky Horror” screening

This Friday the Palace Theater is hosting a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” event. Whether you are Rocky Horror veteran or virgin, find some fishnets and make your way to James Street. The film has been immortalized and holds the record for the longest-running theatrical release in film history.  If you’re worried about being seen among the cult, get over it. The movie is worth the risk. Jump in the car and head to one of the showings just a short road trip away.

Meet the zombies ... if you dare!

The sounds and sights of the living dead that invaded Armory Square.

2. People-watch for your very own live horror screening

You want outlandish outfits, unruly behavior, and a cult classic without leaving campus? The first step is to find a friend that lives in a dorm. If you are low on dorm buddies, resort to bribes – have no shame. Next, convince him to sign you in as a guest before 10 p.m., make the popcorn, and get down to the exit area near the main desk ASAP. Ask any upperclassmen and they’ll tell you the outfits seen on campus this weekend will make Dr. Frankfurter blush.

3. Catch a show.

Even if it’s Halloween, music fans unite. But make sure to rock out in style – zombie style that is. The Whigs follow up their Funk N’ Waffles show by traveling to Buffalo on Friday. Jay-Z follows up his Yankee Stadium show by taking on Toronto on Saturday. Make sure your mask has good visibility for both the road trip and show. 

4. Do some old fashioned pumpkin carving

Improve your everyday carving skills. But don’t let the knife slip, unless you want the blood on your zombie costume to be real. Work in a pop culture twist to impress even your flannel-wearing, hipster friends. No one can resist being drawn into the light of a Stephen Colbert pumpkin head or a jack-o-lantern equipped with a bushy mustache (French accent).

5. All right, one last Halloween movie idea…

… and by one, I mean two.

Throw on some form of a striped shirt, do your best side-to-side dance, and watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” online. (As a bonus, if you’re Peanuts costume is good enough you could win their official 60th Anniversary Look-A-Like Contest).

If that cramps your style, take the limited opportunity to see “This Is It” in Syracuse. If you go on Halloween, you can even see the Thriller dance on campus earlier in the day. Rock on MJ. Your legacy stays strong.

One final suggestion:

Write a letter to the local paper where you lament how the religious origins of Halloween have been lost to a secular society, urge parents to dress their children as biblical characters and spark a flurry of sarcastic commentators.

Wait, this guy beat everyone to it? Damn. Take this as a list of five ideas and enjoy yourselves this weekend. Happy Halloween, and don’t hand out anything fun-sized - bigger is better.

Very Nice Job guys :) Great

Very Nice Job guys :)
Great filming Aaron and great job hosting Eric and Bridget!

I love Newhouse videos!! Keep

I love Newhouse videos!! Keep up the great work!

This is great!

This is great!

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