Thunderwolfe emerges from young talent

Freshman duo living in Boland-Brewster-Brockway dorm comes together to create musical harmony.

When a name like Thunderwolfe reverberates through the loudspeakers, few expect to see freshmen Courtnee Futch and Julia Wolfe take the stage.

Biology freshman and vocalist Futch teamed up with music freshman Wolfe, who is equally capable on guitar and vocals, to form Thunderwolfe in the humble halls of the Boland-Brewster-Brockway dorm complex.

Thunderwolfe’s talent and charisma garnered a resounding reputation among modest audiences. The duo quickly surpassed shows on the Syracuse University quad, the typical venu for new student musicians.

Photo: CJ Taglione
Julia Wolfe practices her guitar while Courtnee Futch studies in their Boland-Brewster-Brockway dorm room.

By performing at local spots such as Funk 'N Waffles and Westcott Street venues, Thunderwolfe have locked down an early and promising headstart in the Syracuse music scene.

Update (May 1, 2012): The duo faced an uncertain future mid-semester, since Futch had difficulty selecting an academic path at SU, due to the university's decision to phase out the Hospitality Management program. However, luckily for Syracuse music lovers, Futch has since found a new academic concentration and will remain at the university.

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