'Tap into the MOST' tickles taste buds while raising money for science education

The food and drink tasting event drew large crowds to the Museum of Science and Technology even during the SU Final Four game against Michigan.

If you weren't watching the Syracuse-Michigan basketball game and needed something else to do on Saturday night besides spill beer on your orange Final Four T-shirt or shout “Go Cuse!” at a bar's TV, "Tap into the MOST" at the Museum of Science and Technology was definitely the best way to spend your night. 

Saturday marked the ninth year of the annual event, which started at 6:30 p.m. and lasted until 9:30 p.m. Visitors, who had to be over 21, enjoyed live music from local bands, more than 30 types of drinks from the best breweries in the area and signature dishes from 10 restaurants in Amory Square. The event raised money for the MOST’s science and technology outreach and education programs, which give children in Syracuse hands-on experiences while learning science and math.

Even before 6:30 p.m., many people gathered around the entrance of the MOST, and there was a long line of people waiting to enter the museum. Each visitor was offered a special glass to commemorate the event.

Swaying blue spotlights, colorful lighted screens and the appetizing smell of food in the air made it a magic night for participants. People explored the two floors of the museum and sampled different kinds of food and beer. It was a feast for the five senses: passionate, lively music filled people’s ears; delicious, fresh-served food dipped on their tongues; sweet-tasting, well-brewed wine lingered in their mouths; and interactive, complicated exhibition models challenged their hands. People walked through different food stands set up around the exhibitions and lined up to get another glass of beer. 

Dave Kenburger, a volunteer on the board at the MOST, said it was a great night.

“The crowd is good. The beer is good and the food is super. It is a good time," Kenburger said.

The MOST's goal is to become a community organization that can bring science into schools for grades six through eight, Kenburger said. Tap into the MOST was one fundraiser to further that goal, as well as get other Armory Square businesses involved.

“It is a great thing for kids. They can get exposed to science,” said Kenburger.

Carolyn Wolcott, who works for a popcorn supply company, heard about the event on the radio and came with her friends to try different beers. She said she enjoyed returning to the MOST after many years. The last time she visited was when she was only six or seven, she said. 

“It is fun. You can try beer and see the MOST at the same time,” said Wolcott, taking a bite of the pasta pie from Julie’s Place. “The pie is good, and it is really good that they set up food here,” she added.

Matt DiCarlo, server from Julie’s Place, said that the pasta pie they brought consists of angel hair pasta, alfredo and marinara sauce and a mushroom crust. It is a signature dish for the restaurant, which is known for American-Italian cuisine. Julie's Place has participated in the Tap into the MOST event for around five years, DiCarlo said.

Donna Videto, after drinking a couple of beers and trying several dishes, said she was really glad that she came to the event again after last year.

“It is a great opportunity to go out and taste a lot of different restaurants and beers. You get to experience all of Syracuse's beers tonight,” said Videto. “I really enjoyed it.” Compared with last year, Videto said that many more people attended, and the event offered more food this year.

Patrick Allen, farm manager of the Harvest Moon Cidery, brought ciders to the event for the second year. He introduced the drink he brought to the event, Four Screw, as a type of hard cider with maple syrup. Harvest Moon Cidery blends cider with different ingredients — including honey, cherry and raspberry — to make a large variety of tastes, from quite dry to sweet.

“We love supporting local businesses and getting out doing events like this for good callings. I used to come to the MOST as a kid, and I really enjoyed it. It is why we came and donated our cider here,” said Allen.

Christopher Gorman, pit boss of Dinosaur Bar-B-Q, also said he enjoys supporting events like this. It is a good event to bring the community out, Gorman said, especially on a day when everyone is celebrating Syracuse being in the Final Four. 

“You got to see all the local restaurants and get a taste of all of it," Gorman said.

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