At Sanders watch party, supporters hope for better success following Empire State primary defeat

Hillary Clinton ultimately won the 2016 New York Democratic Primary.

At Munjed’s Middle Eastern Cafe on Westcott Street, supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders trickled into the small neighborhood bar to watch the results of the New York State Democratic primary. The din gradually rose as chatter filled the room, and the atmosphere was warm.

A group of three women were the first to arrive for the watch party, sharing a table near the back.

“I think he’s got a good shot at it – he might pull a Michigan,” said Nancy Chapellier, a Syracuse resident. In the case of a Sanders loss, the 50-year-old school counselor thinks the Vermont senator should continue his course, citing the possibility of victory in California. “I think the progressives are starting to wake up, and he’s helped them do that,” she said.

Seven people sat at the bar with their faces turned up toward three mounted TVs, all tuned to CNN. Some of Sanders’ oft-cited millennial supporters were there, but older voters in attendance made clear that they feel this movement is not solely in the domain of college students.

Millennial Brianna Nolan had no doubt about the outcome of the Empire State contest.

“Bernie’s going to win,” Nolan said. In the case of a Hillary Clinton nomination, the 24-year-old Syracuse native is in the “Bernie or Bust” camp, saying she wouldn’t vote if Bernie weren’t an option. Witnessing the momentum of this election has been eye-opening for her.

“The things [Sanders] is proposing really resonate with me, the way he brings up the subjects of corruption on Wall Street and Citizens United,” she said. “I think he’s not afraid to talk about them.”

Chappelier isn’t on board with “Bernie or Bust,” but she doesn’t have any warm feelings for her alternative option, Hillary Clinton, who she feels is "a corporate shill."

“I would hold my nose and push the button for her," she said.



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