The Marshall Street appeal

Students weigh in on which Marshall Street establishments they like and what they want to see added.

Marshall Street is nestled only a block off Syracuse University’s campus, making it a prime location for students to venture and hang out. The shops provide access to necessities and luxuries, and the restaurants stay open late to accommodate the seemingly little sleep tha comes with student life.

In early November, 101 SU students took an informal survey while making their way down Marshall Street. The survey revealed that Chipotle was the most frequented venue followed by Starbucks, Jimmy John's, Yogurtland and CVS. Of those surveyed, 81 percent of students said dining was the main reason they go to Marshall Street while 13 percent suggested nightlife. Another 6 percent said they go to Marshall Street for the other reasons, such as banking, shopping and services. 

As to what they'd like to see on Marshall, 43 of the 101 students surveyed said they would like a Panera. Others wanted to see more fresh fruit and vegetables for sale at a grocery store. 

Convenience and variety

Marshall Street is convenient for students to commute to because of its proximity to campus. Students are able to grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee between classes. The street is packed with restaurants serving everything from sandwiches, pizzas and burgers, to burritos and pitas.

“The food spots there are great for people that don’t have meal plans,"  finance sophomore Mike Arnold said. "It’s like the town square of Syracuse."

Each business on Marshall offers a different ambiance, the atmosphere differs based on the place. Jimmy John's remians consistent with people dropping in to get a sandwich, while Varisty is packed during the lunch hour. Starbucks is typically bustling throughout the day, while Café Kubal has a quieter atmosphere more fit for studying.
While Marshall Street is convenient and offers a variety of places, what makes it special is its all-in-one nature. With other dining options are more far removed from campus, Marshall Street is a walkable distance for students. It’s a place for eating, shopping and socializing, making it a focal point for students.

Marshall comes alive at night

After a week of writing papers, taking exams and hustling to classes, students find the time to let loose. This entails a trip to the bars.

“I mostly go on weekends but recently I have been going for lunch,” information technology junior Courtney Perdiue said.

It’s common to find bars packed with students on any given Thursday night. This scene is reserved for mostly upperclassmen, or the over 21 crowd. When the bars become too crowded, it’s not unusual to find students wandering along Marshall Street talking with friends and insisting on eating a late night snack.

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Students influence environment

The students are the reason Marshall Street thrives. They not only fuel the economy of Marshall Street, they contribute to the energy and environment. While the visitors may differ on which restaurants are their favorite, there was a general consensus in the opinion about what to add to the bustling avenue. Students would like to see Panera Bread come to Marshall Street. The survey also revealed that students wanted a grocery store that sold fruits and vegetables.

“Marshall Street is most definitely lacking a hard ice cream store,” finance senior Sarah Higbee said.

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