Love chimes

Two Syracuse couples share their respective stories of what keeps a relationship working for Valentine's Day.

The love that Lydia and Earl Smith share spans 75 years.

The couple first met in Waterville, N.Y. when Lydia was 15 years old and Earl was 19. After two years of dating, Earl proposed to Lydia in a letter. The young couple were married on Nov. 9, 1943.
Now in their 90s, the couple seem just as passionate as ever. Earl often refers to Lydia as “my love,” and the couple are always seen holding hands around the James Square Health & Rehabilitation Centre in Syracuse.

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The Smiths' relationship has a few decades on Carolyn Goldstein and Brian Savage.

Goldstein and Savage met in 2012 on their very first day of classes at Syracuse University. The music history majors built a strong friendship together, studying abroad in France and becoming members of the Chimemasters, the group responsible for ringing the Crouse College bells.

They started dating their sophomore year and are now planning their wedding to be held this summer here in Syracuse.

Despite the time differences between the two couples, they both agree that communication is key and that the best love is built off a strong relationship.

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