It's housing lottery season. Here's how to pick the perfect place to live on-campus

Stressed out over the housing lottery? Here are some tips on how to get through it.

Syracuse University’s housing lottery starts Wednesday, which means students need to figure out where they want to live on-campus next year. Whether you just want to get through your two-year housing requirement, or want to live in a dorm before going abroad, deciding on housing can be stressful. But don’t worry – The NewsHouse has got you covered with these tips:

Friend or foe?

Living with your best friend may seem like the perfect solution to end the roommate search, but proceed with caution. The expectation may be that you’ll live together in harmony, having late night conversations and cozy nights in, but sharing a space together will show you a completely different side to them that could be a detriment to your friendship. The option between a trusted friend and a random roommate may seem obvious, but don’t disregard the random option. It may work out perfectly, and if not then at least you'll still have your friend to complain to.

First come, first served

Fun fact: Once you do have a roommate and are given your lottery time be the one to make the housing selection. Whoever fills out the information on MySlice gets the bigger room. 

They see me rollin’, they hatin’

Consider how mobile you need to be. South Campus has plenty of space to park a car, and at about $109 for the 2016-2017 academic year it's the cheapest parking option for students. You’ll likely still have to take the bus to get to class — unless you know of a hidden parking spot near campus — but can use it on most other occasions. 

Having a car is possible on Main Campus, but comes at a heftier fee. Surface lots for Day, Lyons, Sadler, Shaw and Walnut residence buildings are $397 for the academic year. The Brewster Boland and Adams Street garages come in at $788. Most students in Main Campus housing use the bus as their primary form of transportation and are able to get around campus and travel to major destinations in the city including Armory Square and Destiny USA.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Main Campus vs. South Campus? Dining hall food vs. home cooked meals? In the residence halls the only semblance of a kitchen you can get is having a (prohibited) hot plate. You can try to make some microwave only meals, but even then what you can make is limited and ingredients can be scarce to come across. If you’re okay with eating at the dining halls and supplementing your diet with off-campus food then Main Campus is for you. If you’ve been dying for some “real food” and to cook for yourself then the kitchens in the South Campus apartments may be a persuasive option. The grocery store is about a 10-minute walk away, but can be difficult to manage when temperatures drop.

South way or the highway

If you choose South, consider what part. The closer you are to the first few bus stops the sooner you’ll get home, but that also means you’re one of the last on the bus — which can and will skip you if it’s too full. Stops at the end get off last but are pretty much guaranteed a seat on the bus. Also consider how close the apartment is to the Goldstein Student Center. It could be the difference between walking a few minutes with your sack (or suitcase) of laundry and having to take a bus ride with your dirty clothes. 


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