Forgot a gift? We’ve got you covered

Three easy tips for putting together the perfect last-minute V-Day present.

Happy Valentine's Day from Okay, so we've heard all of the excuses: It’s been a busy week!  You gave up your New Years Resolution to stay more organized January 5th!  You didn’t think your boo was really into Valentine’s Day anyway!  The reason doesn't matter, all that does is that you need something special for your special someone, and you need it quick.  Here are three tips to make sure that your Valentine's Day doesn't end in heartbreak, for anyone involved:

1.  Make it personal

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and Hallmark cards are so generic that your Valentine will figure that you forgot about the holiday and bought your gift last minute (so what if you did?  That’s beside the point).  To really melt your love's heart, think about his or her personal interests. For instance, if your significant other loves cooking, put together a basket with oven-mitts, utensils, a cookbook, and any other cooking goodies you can find at Tops. He or she loves the television show "Mad Men?"  A cigar, nip of whiskey, fancy glass, and refillable lighter: boom.  Be creative.  If you tie some seemingly random trinkets together with a theme, it will show that certain person how well you know them, and that’s sweet

2.  Wrap it up

Seriously, you would be surprised how much of a difference spending a few extra dollars on pretty wrapping supplies can make.  Putting in the extra time and effort to wrap your gift in tissue paper and bows makes it more appealing, and prolongs the excitement of seeing what’s inside (no matter what that is).  Plus, let’s be real, everyone loves the process of tearing and shredding their way through wrapping paper. 

3.  Buy yourself some time

Can’t run to the store between classes?  Don’t panic.  Wrack your brain until you think of either a) something that your significant other really loves doing b) an approaching concert or show that they might like tickets to or c) a fun activity that neither of you have tried before.  Once you’ve got something solid, simply write the idea on a piece of paper, with a note explaining how you are going to treat your loved one to that adventure this weekend.  Conveniently, you look like you’ve been on top of your game, but now you’ll have a few extra days to really perfect your plan and making the outing special.  Just don’t blow it this time, please.  

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