College Survival Guide

From healthy eating to parking to staying safe — find out how to meet your daily needs and address some basic concerns while at Syracuse University.

When you arrive at a new destination — a university, for example — one of the biggest challenges you face is figuring out how to fulfill your basic needs: figuring out how to eat well without spending a lot of money, transportation, safety and security, good study spots, you name it.

We have produced stories to help students navigate the very concerns at the top of their minds. Are there other "how-to" stories that interest you? Let us know.


Eat healthy for $5 or less

Students can eat healthy and not spend a lot; Jocelin Lamprey, senior nutrition major and president of Nutrition Education and Promotion Association, explains how.

Produced by Alex Onushco.


Parking strategically on campus

Struggling to find a place to park your car? SU's got several options on its main campus and South Campus.

Produced by Sean Cotter.


Defending yourself can be an acquired skill

Self-defense classes give students the opportunity to learn how to defend themselves and be more confident in dangerous situations.

Produced by Lexie Hitzler.


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