International students from all over the world share their experience transitioning to life in the United States.

Every student has a story. The #MyMessage project gathered the stories of international students from different countries, different ages and different fields of study. They were asked not only to share their experiences, but also to deliver their messages to the Syracuse University community or their home country.

Scroll over the hotspots on the map below to find out more about each of our featured international students.


Isidore K. Amani

A native of the Ivory Coast, he saw transitioning to a new culture as a learning experience.

Produced by Joshua Dermer


Rose Aschebrock

She left New Zealand in order to achieve her educational and athletic goals.

Produced by Liz Sawyer


Harsh Bhatia

A fourth-year architecture student, he merges his native Bahraini culture with his Indian heritage.

Produced by Avery Hartmans


Nihan Can

A native of Turkey, she takes every opportunity to travel and gain new experiences.

Produced by Nicki Gorny


Stephann Dubois

A native of Haiti, he chose to further his education at SU after witnessing the devastation of his homeland.

Produced by Danny Connors


Michele Lopez

A doctorate student from Venezuela, she came to the U.S. in search of better health care and a better life.

Produced by Tom Rende


Emy Matesan

Encouraged by her parents, she left Romania to pursue her education in the West.

Produced by Taylor Procopio


Osun Mau

A Canadian sophomore, she struggled with being labeled "international" in a society similar to her own.

Produced by Becca Milliron


Mohamad Khairie Shaari

A native of Malaysia, he chose SU as a way to step outside his comfort zone.

Produced by Debbie Truong


Cathy Sun

Born in Shanghai, she grew up in Germany and said American culture reminds her of her childhood.

Produced by Emily Pompelia


Nikhil Vinodh

A native of India, he hoped to have the well-rounded, American college experience.

Produced by Allie Caren

This project was created by students in Professor Emilie Davis' NEW 508: Newspaper Editing class. Students conceptualized the project, produced the videos and wrote the accompanying text. They also uploaded all of the content they created. Interactive map produced by Avery Hartmans.