The Westcott Theater

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It’s not often that you can hang out inside a former indie movie theater, sip some Magic Hat, and listen to some grade-A music.  But, then again, The Westcott isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill music and events venue.  It’s not your typical bar either.

When to Go: Whenever there’s a band playing that you like—duh.  Ok, sounds obvious but, in all seriousness, the best times to hit up The Westcott are when good acts are booked.  (Ah, the logic).  Theme nights are also lots of fun, with names like “Wild Westcott,” and often require fun costumes.  So, go on, break out your go-go boots and boogey down.  You can view the full events schedule here.  The bottom line:  Take it from Lady GaGa and ‘just dance.’  But only if you dig the beats.

On Tap: The Westcott has a well-stocked bar that offers anything from a Cape Codder to a standard pint.  They even offer their own house beer, “The Westcott,” brewed especially for the venue by Vermont-based brewer, Magic Hat.  The bottom line: If the place has a drink named after it, you know it’s legit.

Blue Plate Special:  So currently The Westcott doesn’t offer any food options but no fear, the theater is located on the cultural food Mecca that isWestcott Street.  So head to Alto Cinco for life-changing burritos or Dorian’s for a delectable pizza Caesar salad.  The bottom line: Location, location, location.

The Scene:  It’s an empty movie theater, completely gutted.  To put it bluntly, though it might make for great acoustics we are not huge fans of an obvious lack of seating.  Are a few chairs too much to ask?  Other than that we have little to complain about—it’s a straightforward venue that’s (clearly) all about the music.  The bottom line:  Grab a round of #9’s for all your friends; you’ll need nourishment if you’re going to be standing for 3 hours.

The Crew: The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable—we are forever indebted to the one who introduced us to “The Westcott” beer.  Often music lovers themselves, the bartenders are ready and willing to recommend some great bands along with that vodka ginger ale.  The bottom line: Thank them for the music.  And the booze.

The Crowd:  Like any other concert, depending on the band you’ll get a different mix of people.  We’ve been on nights from Halloween to average gigs, and no visit has ever been quite the same.  Of course, you’ll find your straightedge emo kids who are “all about the music,” modern-day groupies who are “all about the musicians,” and everything in between.  The bottom line: The Westcott is like a box of chocolates…eh, scratch that.

The Deets: We have good news and bad news.  The bad news?  Tickets at The Westcott are usually a little on the pricey side, often charging $12+ for the really good bands.  On the bright side, there are really good bands.  Wait, did we mention that already?  You can order tickets here.  Another plus?  The Westcott is close to campus, right in the heart of Westcott Street…we know, you’re shocked. The bottom line: Great music + great beer = awesome night.

By Meghan Lisson and Melanie Diaz


524 Westcott Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 299-8886

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