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With over 70 TVs lining the walls playing every and any sports game that's on, Tully's is sure to provide a good time - and great food. The 10-minute drive from the Syracuse University campus to its location on Erie Boulevard is an easy trip for some all-American eats and friendly company. You'll be surprised how tasty the burgers are and how much grub they fit onto one plate at a place that serves everything for under $10.

When to Go: Hands down, the best time to visit Tully's is when your favorite sports team is playing. It's equipped with a full bar that stays open until 1:30 a.m. on the weekends and 1:15 a.m. Monday through Thursday. (But don't worry, you can still go grab a drink on Sundays from noon to midnight.) Tully's also takes pride in being a family diner, and it's a more than appropriate place to bring family and friends visiting Syracuse for the first time. The dining room is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. - midnight, from noon to midnight on Sunday, and stays open until 12:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. It's huge with plenty of tables, so there's hardly ever a wait to be seated. The bottom line: Go for dinner or go for the bar -- either way, you can still watch the game. 

On Tap: Basically any beer you can think of and a full bar with liquor and wine to match. They also have delicious drink specials like the "Bloody Tully" for under $4 and a daily special for $3. The bottom line: If alcohol is a key part of your good time, Tully's has got you covered.

Blue Plate Special: Tully's is best known for serving a heaping mound of scrumptious chicken tenders for $6.89. You can even add three of them to any meal for only $2.99 extra. But they don't stop there. There are 13 different burgers to choose from, plenty of pasta dishes, soups, salads, sandwiches, and a list of "Tully's Favorites," like pork chops and meatloaf - all for under $10. Everything is made fresh daily, and the chicken isn't cooked until it's ordered, but you'd never know from how short you wait for it to come out. The bottom line: If you've heard of Tully's, you've heard of Tully's Tenders. The rumors are true. Get them. 

The Scene: The walls are adorned with Syracuse paraphernalia, from trophies and flags to vintage jerseys. Other collectibles are scattered everywhere, down to tables covered with sports cards. The dining room is massive, with multiple rooms of tables and hidden booths tucked away next to glassed-in displays of posters and big-screen TVs. There are even arcade games lining the wall toward the entrance. It has a casual, relaxed vibe, and the dining room is clean and classy - a perfect place to chill out and feast or get rowdy cheering for your team. The bottom line: Even if you don't want to watch any of the TVs, you'll still be entertained.

The Crew: The wait staff greets you with a smile, takes your order, and brings you your food. Fast. Somehow they still have time to check in and get whatever you need, and they'll let you hang out for as long as you'd like. The bottom line: They're that good.

The Crowd: There's an eclectic mix of families feeding children, friends out drinking, and people who have already kicked back a few beers in search of food at any given time in Tully's. It's a big enough place to find privacy away from a chaotic bar crowd for a first date or a night out with your parents, and has enough seats for you to join in on the fun. The bottom line: Go with friends. Go with family. Go solo. You'll fit right in.

The Deets: The Tully's on Erie Boulevard is only one of eight locations in Western and Central New York, yet it's so oriented to SU it feels like an extension of the campus. Considering it's cheap, delicious and fast, it would be a foolish choice for any college student to skip out on the experience. The bottom line: The recipe for a good time is chicken, beer and sports. Tully's has it just right.


2943 Erie Blvd. East
Syracuse, NY 13224
(315) 449-9339

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