Syracuse Suds Factory

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Chicken wing and beer lovers, unite. That’s the implied motto at Syracuse Suds Factory, est. 1991, the first Syracuse microbrew pub to open after the last one shut down in the early ’60s. With a roll of paper towels at most tables and a variety of homemade beers, the Suds Factory invites you to kick back like the restaurant’s signature overall-wearing pint drinker that sits atop each of the draught handles at the bar.

When to Go: Syracuse Suds Factory is open for lunch and dinner every day, from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday. The restaurant also delivers during the day, mostly to staff at local businesses, and usually not at night. You can also call in an order and pick it up yourself. According to general manager Patty Sheridan, the pub’s clientele varies from businesspeople coming in for cocktail hour to students stopping by late at night on Fridays. Bottom line: Come and go as you please. The vibe here changes throughout the day, but it’s never stuffy.

On Tap: Here, you won’t have to look far for a beverage to go with your burger or chicken tenders.  SSF brews an array of beers on site, in the vats you can see in the front windows when you walk by the restaurant. Sheridan said the restaurant produces stout, pale ale, honey light and brown ale, to name a few, and that Irish red and pale ale are the most popular brews among customers. Bottom line: On-site brewing makes SSF stand out.       

Specials: If you’re in the mood for a departure from typical pub fare, try a specialty dish: roasted turkey on Thursdays, haddock or New England clam chowder on Fridays, or prime rib on Saturdays. And don’t discount the soup—SSF chowder has won awards. Bottom line: Something for every tastebud. 

The Scene: Syracuse Suds Factory has a quintessential pub atmosphere. There’s an outdoor seating area with numerous tables that have black Red Bull umbrellas. The sides of the restaurant are lined with green awnings. Inside, the main dining space is big and centers around the bar area, which boasts 11 TVs. There’s a smaller room to the right when you walk in at the main entrance on S. Clinton St. In both spaces there are simple wooden tables, chairs and booths. Many tables offer Quick Draw Lottery cards. There are more games beside the doors that open out to S. Clinton St: darts, a Powerball machine and a bowling game called Silver Strike. Bottom line: Whether you’re out to have a drink, socialize or sit down to dinner—or a rowdy combination of all three—you’ll be satisfied here.

Details: No appetizer or entrée costs more than $10, except for the grilled sirloin steak, which goes for $14.99. You can get any appetizer—like beer battered cheese sticks, a nacho platter or potato skins—for anywhere from $5.25 to $8.75. The cost of entrées is comparable.  The menu boasts the pub food you’d expect to see, like a variety of salads and sandwiches, and includes dishes with eye-catching names like the Suds Bomber (a steak sandwich), Martin’s Buffalo Tender Sandwich and Norman’s Brewmaster Bratwurst.  The sauce on the Southwestern Factory Pasta is made with SSF’s homemade honey light beer. Pints cost around $7, half-pints around $6.  Don’t forget the chicken wings for an appetizer.  Bottom line: Pull up a chair, grab a glass.


320 South Clinton Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 471-2253

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