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Sakana-Ya not your run-of-the-mill American sushi experience. And that's exactly how it's supposed to be.

Sakana-Ya prides itself as the premier sushi hub in Central New York and makes a compelling case. Between the modernized sushi bar setting, industrialized conveyor belt setup and Japanese-themed decor, Sakana-Ya gives a taste of contemporary Japanese cuisine. For a quick trip to Armory Square, you can experience authentic sushi dining for yourself.

When to Go: Monday nights. Take advantage of half-price sushi every Monday. Pile your plate and dabble with the extensive array of sushi and sashimi. For half off, you can afford to be loose in your selections. If you're pining for a spruced up atmosphere, check out Sakana-Ya on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for karaoke from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Closing hours extend from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, giving you more flexibility on weekends. The bottom line: Open seven days a week with extended hours on the weekend, but any night is a good night for this sushi hub. With various perks and promotions throughout the week, Sakana-Ya has something to offer each day of the week to enhance your dining experience.

On Tap: The variety and delicacy of the menu doesn't end with the sushi. Sakana-Ya offers an assortment of domestic and imported wines, ales and  beers. Prices range, so plan accordingly. Soft drinks (Coca-Cola products) on tap are available as well. The bottom line: The sushi goes down easy by itself, but consumers are free to wash down their food with a wide range of beverages suitable for all demographics.

Blue Plate Special: The spider roll is the signature house special, though the bar offers several Japanese classics. Whether you prefer it straight or in a roll, sushi is the restaurant's staple dish. Sakana-Ya also offers miso soup, teriyaki entrees that range from light to heavy and seasoned pork and chicken platters. The bottom line: The menu is diverse, but the sushi -- particularly the spider roll -- is the reputed, must-try dish.

The Scene: The modern, bar-themed feel adds livelihood to the atmosphere. Guests sit across from the master chefs preparing their food, which is separated by a conveyor belt circulating the various dishes around the room. Hungry and don't want to wait for your order to be processed? No worries. Meals are fed along the belt constantly, giving customers the opportunity to pick and choose their dinner at their leisure. Never let your meal out of sight at this interactive sushi hotbed. The bottom line: The openness of the restaurant keeps guests on top of their food. Sakana-Ya maintains a traditional, sushi bar experience while maximizing consumer control of their food.

The Crew: At Sakana-Ya, your waiters/waitresses are your chefs. Have a problem with the preparation of your food? Want something tweaked with your meal? Tell the chefs head-on. The master chefs are attentive, lenient and friendly, willing to offer suggestions about and descriptions of the food they cook. The bottom line: The interaction between chef and customer adds authenticity and sociability to your dining experience.

The Crowd: Although it's most suitable for a wine-and-dine, Sakana-Ya does its best to cater to all parties. Whether it's a group of college buddies, a family night out or a date, this Japanese hangout is your destination so long as you're hurting for sushi. The bottom line: Let your appetite, not your company, dictate whether to dine at Sakana-Ya. 

The Deets: There isn't a more complete sushi bar true to its Japanese roots in the greater Syracuse area. Central New York is rich with sushi hubs, but none more reflective of Japanese tradition than Sakana-Ya. Between the immense sushi options--freshly prepared and promptly served--and the assortment of more generic dishes--chicken, pork, rice, soup, et al.--Sakana-Ya soaks up the best Asian flavor. The proximity to the university adds convenience, curb-side parking is easily accessible and crowds never seem over the top. While prices range from modest to expensive, the quality of the entrees, richness of the portions and quality of the service ensures it's money well spent. The bottom line: Convenience, quality and service considered, you get what you pay for.  



215 Walton St.
Syracuse, NY 13244
(315) 475-0117

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