Life is a piece of Cake

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Update: Life is a Piece of Cake has closed.

The exterior of Life is a piece of Cake looks like it’s been slathered with bubblegum pink icing, and once you walk through the door, the pink, black and white interior just screams “cute, cozy bakery.” The food case sits between a retro pink refrigerator and a pink and white counter. Every accent, from the white chandelier, to the coffee mugs decorating the walls, to the snow-white tables in between black cushioned chairs, matches the strawberry shortcakes and gourmet brownies on display.

When to go: Like most bakeries, the best time to visit Life is a piece of Cake is in the morning or right after lunch—basically whenever you need a boost of caffeine or a cupcake pick-me-up. The bakery’s atmosphere combined with a menu full of espresso, coffee, hot chocolate and tea, makes it a perfect spot to wind down and warm up once the long snowy winter begins. Stop in any day between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., except for Sundays when it's closed. The bottom line: The rain and snow never end. You now have a new place to go to escape it.

On Tap: Since the trend of drinking a nice, cold brew with a fruit tart hasn’t quite caught on yet, Life is a piece of Cake stocks drinks that mix well with cake. Inside the light pink retro fridge, you can find a selection of bottled drinks, including water, orange juice, Red Bull, iced tea and soda. The bottom line: If booze is what you’re looking for, you should have made a pit stop at Chuck’s.

Blue Plate Special: The menu varies daily, but like every good bakery, the crowd favorites are always available. The bakery’s most popular items are their cupcakes, specifically red velvet and vanilla with butter cream icing. Specialty drinks include the Affogato, an espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for $4.75, and the Gold Cappuccino, a cup of cappuccino topped with edible 23 karat gold for $6.25. The bottom line: Drinking gold like it’s water? There’s no better way to feel like royalty.

The Scene: A few doors down from some of SU’s most popular bars, this bakery provides a much-needed change of pace. It’s a quiet, comfortable place to post up on an insanely comfortable chair with your cappuccino, cupcake and Kindle and watch people pass by the window. There’s also outdoor seating for when it’s warm enough to get the Affogato Iced Coffee. The bottom line: It’s like relaxing in the comfort of your own home … except minus your chatty, distracting roommates.

The Crew: When you walk up to the counter, expect to be greeted by a friendly employee ready to take your order. There usually aren’t more than one or two people on the clock at once, but whoever is there will gladly suggest his or her favorite type of cake, or the best treat in the shop that day. The bottom line: Ask them all their favorites, and try something new every time.

The Deets: The menu has every coffee staple, whether you’re looking for a hot or cold drink, and it’s all under $5 (well, except for the Gold Cappuccino, but that’s because you’re paying for, um, gold). There’s a treat for chocolate lovers and fruit fanatics alike, and there’s also something for every appetite, from a small, $2 gourmet brownie, to a huge, $6 piece of chocolate mousse cake that’s plenty for two. Don’t worry if you spent all your cash at the bars last night, Life is a piece of Cake accepts all major credit cards, so you can always get that caffeine or sugar kick when you need it. The bottom line: Go ahead, satisfy that sweet tooth.

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