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 Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  So if you a) like beer or b) want to be happy, head down to Faegan’s, one of our personal faves.  A top-notch gastro pub, filling up glasses since 1978.  A place where the mouth-watering menu is only topped by the extensive list of microbrews on tap.  You can thank Ben later.

When to Go:  Any night of the week you’ll find Faegan’s hopping with students and professors alike.  But there are a few special days you should be aware of.  Allow us to introduce you to World Beer Tour, one of the best inventions known to mankind.  Every Tuesday night, you can snag pints for $2 and attempt to drink every beer on the menu (not in one night, let’s be realistic here).  If you complete the 4 separate Beer Tours you get a sweet t-shirt, your name on a plaque, and eternal glory.  Well, maybe not that last part.  Wednesdays get even better with Flip Night; if the bartender flips a coin and you call it correctly, your beer is free!  The bottom line:  Free beer and a t-shirt?  We say yes.

On Tap:  Faegan’s makes it a mission to offer more awesome beers than you can count on two hands—or hold in those two hands.  From Wachusett Blueberry Ale to a classic glass of Stella Artois, you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.  We recommend the Ithaca Apricot Wheat, delicious and light.  The bottom line: Two pints are better than one.

Blue Plate Special: All we have to say is Guinness burger.  Ok, we have a little bit more to say but, seriously, that burger is to die for.   Typical and atypical pub fare fills the menu, from French onion soup to hummus and pitas.  We have yet to have a bad meal here and, while the prices are a bit steeper than Mickey D’s, you definitely won’t have any regrets.  The bottom line: There really are no bad choices.

The Scene: The honey-colored wooden bar, warm lighting, and vintage posters instantly evoke visions of a classic neighborhood pub in the UK.  Hi-def TVs snap Faegan’s back into the 21st century, and big polished tables give it a touch of class.  The best part?  Outdoor seating when the warm weather comes.  The bottom line: You’ll get that warm, fuzzy feeling.

The Crew:  Both the waiters and bar staff are pleasant, but usually too busy to stick around long.  Expect quick, efficient service with a smile—but only if there’s time.  The bottom line: The food is good, the beer is good, enough said.

The Crowd: If you came to college for your MRS degree, this is the place to come; Faegan’s packs in more law students than you can fit into the Carrier Dome.  Calm down all you Gloria Steinems, we’re just joking!  In actuality though, Faegan’s does tend to attract an older and more intellectual set.  Grad students, TAs, and professors are all common sights.  Then again, so are the frat boys getting drunk on Sam Adams.  Go figure.  The bottom line: A mix of people as varied as the beer list.  

The Deets:
  Faegan’s is just steps away from campus, situated at 734 S. Crouse Avenue.  Pints can get a bit pricey so, luckily, there are lots of specials.  From Happy Hour to Beer Tour to Flip Night to Senior Sunday there is something for just about everyone.  Click here for a full list of specials.  The bottom line: If you even remotely enjoy beer, welcome home.

Review by Meghan Lisson



734 S. Crouse Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13210

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