Dolce Vita World Bistro

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Don't let the Italian name fool you, the Dolce Vita World Bistro, which means the "beautiful life," is not just Italian. It's the entire world, served up on a plate. Here, you will see everything from European to Asian to American, depending on when you come in. After a favorable review in The Post-Standard, Dolce Vita made its mark in Syracuse as a place for foodies whose pastimes include eating their way around the world. Not a bad pastime. 

Blue Plate Special: Chef John Reule likes surprising his diners, so every month represents a different place in the world. So don't be surprised when you come in one month and find beef Wellington and the next month, you see Pad Thai. Do not be worried if the menu looks somewhat foreign, the wait staff will be happy to answer any of your questions. And if you want to taylor a dish, the chef will be happy to accommodate. The bottom line: Check ahead on the website or just come in and be pleasantly surprised. 

On Tap: A place which offers the world on your plate must to offer the world in your cup. Be sure to take a look at the extensive beer and wine list, with selections that are local and imported. The bottom line: For the beer or wine connoisseur, make sure that someone else drives you home.

The Scene: The space is initially unassuming, with wood flooring, plates and chairs. Yet look up and you'll be greeted with a twinkling black ceiling with lights, to mimic the starry sky, and the smooth sound of Barry White in the background. Look to the right for an impromptu gallery show, there is a wall dedicated to selling the works of local artists. So in addition to the doggie bag, you can also take home an original painting. The bottom line: Take your date here, she'll be instantly smitten in such a romantic space, surrounded by stars and art. 

The Crowd: Primarily made up of adult types with business shirts and slacks, who can afford to pay around $20 for a lunch. So if you want to fit in, you might want to trade those torn jeans for something clean and pressed. And no raised voices please, this is a quiet, respectable establishment. The bottom line: Look nicely please, you're among professionals here. 

The Price: Prices are in the $6-$12 range for lunch and in the $10-$23 range for dinner. Any substitutions or modifications to an existing entree will cost you extra. The cost is on par with your normal chain restaurants, except at Dolce Vita, you get a more varied menu that tastes like it was made with care and beautifully presented when it comes out. The bottom line: Not for students on a budget, serious foodies only.

The Deets: It's right on East Genesee Street across from Phoebe's Restaurant and Coffee Lounge. So it's within walking distance of campus for an intimate lunch or dinner. There is a large parking lot next to the restaurant and meters out front, in case walking down from the Hill is too difficult. The bottom line: It's a close, easy place to get to if you don't want to go all the way downtown for a romantic and varied dining experience.

The Hours: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday through Wednesdays and 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. It's closed on Sundays.

Take-out: No, of course not.


907 E. Genesee St.
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 475-4700

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