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163 Marshall Street
UPDATE: Relocated to 163 Marshall Street, formerly Aladdin's Natural Eatery, in early 2011. When The Bleu Monkey Café opened on Marshall Street in 2005, its menu was a blend of both American and Asian influences.  But in the first week, faulty kitchen appliances that forced the restaurant to offer only sushi items changed the culinary vision of the small establishment.  American food...
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727 South Crouse Ave
AppeThaizing Thai/ Southeast Asian Cuisine AppeThaizing has been providing the University Hill community with a Southeastern Asian alternative to the pizza and subs of Marshall Street since it opened in 2006.  The cleverly worded restaurant often grabs students walking through Campus Plaza, on their way to the post office, or  at night, Chuck’s.  While the name inevitably shows up in the...
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802 S. Crouse Avenue
Whether it's game day or Wednesday afternoon, it seems like there is someone always in Varsity chowing down on a slice of cheese pizza or a famous steak sandwich. Everything from chicken wings to salads, the Hill would not be the same without the famous Varsity restaurant. Game day for basketball or football is always a popular choice (especially on the recently rare occasion when the SU football...
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731 S. Crouse Ave.
Hours: Monday—Friday: 5:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. • Saturday, Sunday: 6:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. At the heart of Bruegger's Bagel Bakery is the atmosphere of a small-town restaurant with the affordability of a fast-food conglomerate. Bruegger's genius is specializing in one basic breakfast item. It's like Krispy Kreme, but for bagels. The bakery offers dozens of freshly baked bagels and home-made...
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107 Marshall Street
Think of this: You’re hungry at midnight. You want to eat, but it seems difficult to find something light, healthy, and with low calories. Guess what? Pita Pit absolutely meets your need! When to Go: Basically, you are welcome to go to Pita Pit anytime, either for brunch, lunch, dinner, or even late night snack. But if you don’t want to be surprised by a super long line, you might want to be...
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246 W Willow St
Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first. That knee-jerk pour of sauce onto your ribs will probably spill onto your new khakis. But you won’t care. The excitement is natural. Instead of reaching for the napkins — and delaying your meal — you’ll continue to pig out. After all, that’s what a fluorescent sign says in the window of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: “Pig In, Pig Out.” The rib experience at this go-to...
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129 Marshall St. # 1
UPDATE: King David's is moving upstairs from its previous location, now residing above Chipotle. The restaurant plans to reopen in September 2011. King David’s is as synonymous with Middle Eastern cuisine as it gets in Syracuse. The original restaurant is tucked away among the hustle and bustle of Marshal Street near the SU campus, but it offers a drastic alternative to what else is in the...
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720 University Ave.
If you’re up early after a late night, or if you want a quick lunch and are tired of the pizza joints and fast food madness of Marshall Street, swing by Syra-Juice Juice Bar & Eatery for a fresh alternative.  When To Go:  Any time.  It is open early and often, ready to serve your needs throughout the day.  Syra-Juice is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the week and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m....
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300 W. Fayette St.
Kitty Hoynes isn’t your typical Irish pub, instead it boasts a small candle lit hangout that makes the perfect spot for long conversations and good laughs. Best of all, it's in the cultural epicenter of Syracuse---Armory Square. When to Go:  At this non-assuming hide-away spot, there will be older Syracuse locals, but on the weekends, college students swing by to start the night off...
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143 Marshall Street
Cosmos, a kitschy '50s diner, is a Marshall Street gem hidden behind a pizzeria facade. While most eateries on The Hill cater to a specific taste, Cosmos serves everything from loaded cheesesteak sandwiches to mocha-flavored malts to pizza omelets. They open early for breakfast and crank out diner classics and hybrids until the early hours of the morning. Cosmos opened in the late 1950s, and...
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137 Marshall Street
Update: Closed in May 2012. Like many of the other restaurants that populate Marshall Street, just off of the SU campus, Pita El Saha gives the immediate impression of a college spot.  However, don’t let the rundown overhang sign fool you.  For an alternative to the predominantly pizza and sandwich spots, El Saha is a refreshing taste to the Marshall Street line up.  It is forced...
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167 Marshall Street
In the mood for a truly savory salad? At Acropolis, they leave the boring boxed-up salads to McDonald’s. It’s nothing but fork-fulls of fresh lettuce leafs tossed with dices of ripe tomato, sprinkles of feta cheese, and homemade Greek dressing here. Heck, if you’re feeling adventurous, they’ll even top it off with steamy slices of freshly-grilled chicken. At Acropolis, you’re guaranteed fresh...
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734 S. Crouse Avenue
 Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  So if you a) like beer or b) want to be happy, head down to Faegan’s, one of our personal faves.  A top-notch gastro pub, filling up glasses since 1978.  A place where the mouth-watering menu is only topped by the extensive list of microbrews on tap.  You can thank Ben later.When to...
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524 Westcott Street
It’s not often that you can hang out inside a former indie movie theater, sip some Magic Hat, and listen to some grade-A music.  But, then again, The Westcott isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill music and events venue.  It’s not your typical bar either.When to Go: Whenever there’s a band playing that you like—duh.  Ok, sounds obvious but, in all seriousness, the...
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727 S. Crouse Ave
Grimy, crowded, sweaty, and loud … what is it about Chuck’s that keeps students coming back for more? It might be the cheap Friday night pitchers. It could be the opportunity to write your name in Sharpie on every surface in sight. Or, maybe, it’s just that Cheers-esqe feeling of togetherness you get after a night of drinking with your closest pals. And here, almost everybody does know your name...
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321 S. Clinton St.
Picture this: your dad’s favorite armchair meets funky New York swank.  It’s that unique hybrid that puts Al’s Wine & Whiskey at the top of our list.  If you’re not feeling up for the crowded Beerfest at Chuck’s or the underage dance party at Maggie’s, Al’s offers a refreshing change from the norm.  A hip chilled out lounge with an indie music selection to match.  Now...