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Taste Test:'s newest menu item

Newhouse Dean Lorraine Branham selects her namesake sandwich, the Bran Grilled Texas.

On Friday, Newhouse School Dean Lorraine Branham was recognized in a way that puts her in some elite company.  She was not awarded a Nobel Prize, or a Pulitzer.  She was not given an honorary academic degree.

Dean Branham had a sandwich named after her in  Branham, who arrived at Syracuse University just more than a year ago, was given her choice of five sandwiches and in a rigorous taste test, selected the one associated with her previous home in Austin, Texas.

Dean Branham chose the "Bran Grilled Texas" that was adorned with grilled slices of chicken and steak, sprinkled with onion, tomato, cheese, and, of course, barbecue sauce.  The concoction was created by Newhouse graduate student Kareema Pinckney who wanted to appeal to Branham's Texan past.

“And we have said that we are going to add a little hot sauce to the barbecue sauce, to spice it up a notch," added Branham, to personalize the sandwich just a little.

 The Bran Grilled Texas sandwich will appear next to the eponymously named Dean Rubin -- named after former Newhouse Dean David Rubin -- on’s menu.  It will be available starting Monday.


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