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'Phantoms' invade Syracuse

Curator Stephan Stoyanov brings his exhibit 'Phantoms' to Syracuse's Red House Arts Center.

Internationally renowned curator Stephan Stoyanov expresses his identity and beliefs through the art he curates. Through his exhibit Phantoms, currently displayed at the Red House Arts Center, Stoyanov shows the fears most people are afraid to express in his work. 

Phantoms has been exhibited around the world, including international stops in France and Belgium.  Stoyanov’s exhibit was on display at the Red House Arts Center in February and March after opening as part of Syracuse’s citywide arts initiative, Third Thursday.

Photo: Darren Benda
Stephan Stoyanov curates one of his pieces during the exhibit opening at the Red House

Bringing Stoyanov and his exhibition to the Red House, at 201 S. West St., aligns with the Red House’s mission to transform lives through intimate and distinct experiences in visual and performing arts.

Each time Phantoms is exhibited in a new location, the exhibition’s work changes.  Stoyanov said he brings a core group of artists to each venue, but also researches local artists so he creates a personal dialogue and collaboration wherever he goes.

“I want to create a show that evolves depending on the space -- the actual physical space, but also the history of the building or the space,” Stoyanov said.

Stoyanov uses the Red House’s unique architecture in order to display Phantoms, which is expressed through a number of artistic mediums, including canvas paintings, holograms and DVD loops.

“In Phantoms I wanted to tackle issues that we normally don’t tackle or admit to ourselves,” he said.  “I always wanted to deal with issues of intangibility.”

Stoyanov is particularly intrigued by video art, a fact which first drew him to Syracuse several years ago, he said.

“Syracuse, I’ve actually always have been intrigued and attracted to,” he said.  “Syracuse has the Everson Museum, which was the very first museum which collected video art.  It’s a medium I’m very interested in and involved with professionally.”

Stoyanov, 43, was born in Bulgaria and has lived and curated in Paris and New York City, among other locations. Although his native language is Bulgarian, Stoyanov also speaks Serbo-Croatian, Russian, English and French.  

He currently resides in New York City, and is the founder of the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, formerly known as the Luxe Gallery, at 29 Orchard St., Manhattan.


After leaving the Red House, Phantoms will make its way to Brazil where Stoyanov looks forward to adapting his exhibit to yet another local community.

Through his work as a curator, Stoyanov seeks to promote young and emerging talent, as well as express his passion for helping others.

“I love what I do because I help other people,” he said.  “I help talented people on the forefront of our society that are often neglected.  I believe in what I do because I sleep at night and I don’t have to worry.”

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