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An Afternoon at Chuck's

Chuck’s Cafe is like an old sneaker—comfortable, familiar and a little smelly.

Grimy, crowded, sweaty, and loud…what is it about Chuck’s that keeps students coming back for more? It might be the cheap Friday night pitchers. It could be the opportunity to write your name in Sharpie on every surface in sight. Or, maybe, it’s just that Cheers-esqe feeling of togetherness you get after a night of drinking with your closest pals. And here, almost everybody does know your name.

When to Go: The ideal time to snag some booze is on Friday nights when pitchers are just $3.50. Plan to get to the bar around 10:30 or 11; early enough to grab a booth and late enough to have a good crowd. Be aware, if it’s a game day get there extra early or risk wading through frat boys 7-thick, just to get to the bar. The bottom line: Any day, any time you will find people in Chuck’s—come on this is college, people.

On Tap: You can find all your basic college staples here—Pabst, Bud Light, Honey Brown etc. While the beer and liquor selection isn’t the widest, you certainly can’t beat the prices. The bottom line: you might get laughed at for ordering a martini, but we dare you to find cheaper drinks.

Blue Plate Special: Chuck’s is definitely not a haven for the gourmand, but if you’ve got a case of the munchies they have a few choice options. Standard fare includes burgers, fries, sandwiches and salads. We tried the nacho plate which, as if by magic, seemed to taste better the more that we drank. The menu isn’t huge, but it gets the job done…cheaply. The bottom line: A burger and a pint for under $10? Gasp.

The Scene: The graffiti of hundreds of college students covers the furniture, the walls, and even the bathroom stalls. Wooden tables and chairs are packed with familiar faces and the bar is always swarming with revelers of various states of drunkenness. You can usually expect popular music to be blaring from the speakers and some sort of sporting event to be on the big-screen TVs. You don’t come here for the atmosphere—and, yet, you do.  The Bottom Line: It’s Animal House meets your parents’ basement…don’t be the one caught not singing when “Don’t Stop Believin’” comes on.

The Crew: The bartenders at Chuck’s know they work at a college bar so they don’t expect to get tips. So, by the same token, you shouldn’t expect to be served immediately.

An insider tip: wait for drinks on the far side of the bar near the pool table, it’s usually a lot less crowded and you can get your PBR even faster. The bottom line: Take a number.

The Crowd: Chances are you will know or have seen just about everyone in the place—the girl from your math class, that creeper in Schine, even a few professors have been known to make appearances from time to time. The point is, Chuck’s is a part of the SU experience—just don’t come here if you’re trying to avoid someone from class.  The Bottom Line: Love it or hate it, you have to at least give it a shot. (No pun intended).

The Deets: Chucks is right around the corner from all the main Marshall Street eateries, nestled in an alley at 727 S. Crouse Ave, near What the Crepe and Funk n’ Waffles. Drinking is the main event here, so don’t come expecting entertainment beyond your friends’ antics. Do expect a $2 cover charge on the weekends. An added bonus? Head to Happy Hour at Chuck’s, from 5 to 7, when drinks are even cheaper.  The Bottom Line: Chuck’s is like an old sneaker—comfortable, familiar, and a little smelly.

Did they only interview

Did they only interview Newhouse students? Surely there has to be other Syracuse University students enjoying Chuck's. Why not expand upon the group of just Newhouse students to other majors?

what about the burgers? and the woodchucks!

you failed to mention numerous things.

1) The big black bouncer's name is STEVE. Be his friend and you will never have to wait in line.

2) Thorr is the bartender with the big cross necklace. on the corner of the bar closest to the TV. Be his friend and you will never have to wait for a drink.

3) $2 burgers in Mondays are heaven.

4) To say "Chuck’s is definitely not a haven for the gourmand" is simply untrue. The burgers are phenomenal, the wings are great, and even the chuck's salad is a marshall street favorite.

5) Best part about chucks? Pitchers of woodchucks cider! (the only other bar with woodchucks is Faegans.) Pitchers are pricey, but worth it if you aren't into beer.

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