diversity in the media

December 12, 2016 - 5:51pm
A black model has recreated popular ad campaigns of some of the top models in the country.

How would you feel if you went to a job interview and after a few minutes the hiring manager says, “It was great speaking with you, but we already have someone of your race working here.” Ouch, right? That’s how New York City based model Deddeh Howard feels and that’s the inspiration behind her “Black Mirror” project.

February 14, 2013 - 7:34pm
Actor and producer Gina Belafonte spoke to students, faculty and community members about the issues of racial diversity in entertainment media at the Newhouse School on Wednesday.

Actress and producer Gina Belafonte entertained a crowd at the Newhouse School Wednesday night in a discussion about her career, race in the entertainment industry and her father’s legacy.

Belafonte, the daughter of singer, actor and activist Harry Belafonte, also talked about "Sing Your Song," a documentary about her father that she co-produced. It was selected for the Sundance Film Festival in 2011.