Will you be my Valentine?

The NewsHouse team combed campus to see if Tyler and Katy could make loveable first impressions.

What if a stranger approached you on the street with a heart-shaped bouquet of fake roses, asking you to be their Valentine? Would you say yes? Would you walk away quickly?

Katy Beals and I took to the Hill to see how people would react to such a situation. Maybe it was the cold weather, maybe it was tacky fake roses, but the duo received mixed results during their casual competition. 

Perched outside Marshal Square Mall, between Schine Student Center and Newhouse and on the Quad, we tried multiple methods of finding Valentines on cold-yet-sunny February morning.

"Will you be my Valentine? Please? For me?"

"Would you like to be my Valentine? Theoretically?"

Whether they were blunt questions or stealthy ambushes, we received responses ranging from straight-up "yes" and "no," responds such as "I'm late for class" and "Uh ... maybe" and every guy's favorite line: "Sorry, I have a boyfriend."

Will you be my Valentine? from The NewsHouse on Vimeo.

In a competition for yes's, Katy triumphed by receiving eight Valentines from 10 requests. Tyler was not so lucky, only persuading half of his 10 encounters to be his Valentine.

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