What we're reading: March 3

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today.

What We’re Reading:

The McLobster Myth

(LA Times) The McLobster was trending on Twitter last night, so you know it’s worthy of your attention. The item already appears seasonally in select restaurants in Canada and the Northeast, but will the McLobster find its home on more McDonald’s menus? A blog near San Diego reports that the Golden Arches denies the speculation.


Was it Something I Ate?

(gigabiting) This blog investigates how specific foods can affect your dreams. One theory explains that spicy foods can cause particularly vivid dreams because the spices elevate your body temperature, interfering with the quality of sleep.


Tiger's Blood to Wake you Up

(Grub Street) The bi-winning Charlie Sheen now has his own drink at a Midtown Moroccan hookah bar. Called "Tiger's Blood with a Dash of Adonis DNA," in reference to a quote in a recent interview, the drink is basically a Bloody Mary with Moroccan spices.


What We’re Craving:

Winter Sucks

Share your true feelings about winter by baking these cookies.

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