What we're reading: February 7

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today.

What we're reading:


Penguin Icebox Cookies

(Diamonds for Dessert) Icebox cookies are so easy to make, and I love making them with my friends when we have the spontaneous urge to bake. The blog Diamonds for Dessert takes a creative spin on icebox cookies by creating the cutest purple penguin cookies (pictured with this blog post), with fully illustrated directions for us at home to make them ourselves! She also makes lion and turtle icebox cookies - perfect to make a zoo out of your cookie jar!

Come to the Dark Side of Chicken; It's Tastier

(NPR) Food writer Nadia Arumugam defends dark meat chicken which has been given a bad rep thanks to its white counterpart. She points out that while, yes, white meat is generally healthier, dark meat doesn't have that many more calories. In fact, dark meat is rich in vitamin B and iron — not to mention it is usually much juicier than breast meat. So, next time you want to make a chicken dinner, don't be afraid to try the thighs.

Baristas Have the Best Job in the World

(Serious Eats) This article makes you want to be a barista! It points out a few of the best perks about servin' up cappucinos and lattes every morning. Some perks you wouldn't even think about, such as having the cure for hangovers at your disposal the morning after, and being the one that customers put their faith into in the mornings when they're groggy and vulnerable. Maybe as a barista, you could double as a morning therapist.

Pyraminds, Plates, and Pagodas: Dietary Guidelines from Around the World

(Good) The newest updates for the Dietary Guidelines were released not too long ago, and this slide show displays different food pyraminds from foeirgn countries, giving us a glimpse into how foreigners envision their food guidelines. I loved how Mediterranean countries like Greece gave a whole chunk of their pyramind to olive oil, a staple of their cuisine, and how the Chinese forgo the pyramind and opt for a more traditional pagoda for their nutrition chart.

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