Visionary Podcast

New podcast from Fader magazine melds music with visual art.

Fader released its first Visionary Podcast, which incorporates music as well as visuals. The first theme, “Doing,” is significant in our college sphere because we are always doing one thing or another. Many of us are plagued with being over programmed and having to constantly get things done.

The podcast features:

Smith Westerns, “Be My Girl”

The Drums, “Let’s Go Surfing”

Major Lazer, “Keep It Going Louder”

Washed Out, “Belong”

Hudson Mohawke, “Rising 5”



            The songs don’t all necessarily relate to the word of the week, but the photograph is pretty sweet (or cool, if you want a bad pun). The creator, for sure, did a lot to make the word out of those snow blocks. Traditional podcasts from Fader are normally longer than just five songs, and the short-and-sweet Visionary Podcast is refreshing. Listeners don’t have to commit so much time to listening.


The week’s Visoinary Podcast is “Things.”

The Podcast features:

Get Back Guinozzi, "Low FIles Tropical"

Restless People, “Days of Our Lives”

Konshens, “Realest Song”

Dam Funk, “Mirrors”

Zomby, “Digital Fauna”

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