Vandalism marks start of finals week

SU Public Safety investigating graffiti messages in neon orange spraypaint found Monday on Eggers and Newhouse buildings

UPDATE: 4 p.m., Monday.

A person interested in making a mark took to the can early Monday morning, vandalizing Syracuse University buildings with orange spray paint.

Associate Chief of the Department of Public Safety John Sardino said that officers discovered the markings early this morning.

He said there are five to eight different spots “marked out.” This includes the north side of Eggers Hall, marked with “Cui Bono? War” which means “to whose benefit?" or "as a benefit to whom?” in Latin, and the west side of Newhouse III, marked with “#1 in communication LAST in free speech.”

Sardino said he has not seen anything like this before, “not in recent history, anyway.”

“This is a criminal act, and it will most likely resolve in criminal charges with university sanctions as well,” Sardino said.

Sardino said that there are cameras all over campus, both internal and external, and that public safety is completing a full investigation.

The university issued a statement from Interim Chancellor and Provost Eric F. Spina in reaction to the vandalism.

"Every member of our campus community is entitled to his or her right to free speech, and there are many constructive ways to have your voice heard in our community. We are saddened and disappointed that anyone would attempt to exercise that right in such a desctrucive manner. These are a set of important and historic buildings that hold great meaning for so many of our students, faculty, staff and alumni, and to see them defaced in this manner is disheartening."

He said that the university is already working to assess and repair the damage.

“We will identify who vandalized the campus,” said Sardino. “It doesn't appear to be an expression from stress related to finals. It just seems to really be a careless act of vandalism.”

Vandalism on Eggers Hall

Newhouse School Vandalism

Vandalism at Newhouse

Newhouse vandalism

Newhouse vandalism

Graffiti discovered Monday on Eggers Hall (top photo) and Newhouse School complex. (Photos: Allie Caren)

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