St. Vincent coming to Ithaca

Indie-pop singer, songwriter and musician Annie Clark makes her way to Ithaca in October.

If you don't know who St. Vincent is, get acquainted. She's coming to Ithaca on Oct. 22. 

St. Vincent, a.k.a. Annie Clark and her supporting band, are an electric live band. I was lucky enough to catch Annie Clark perform over the summer at the 2009 All Points West Festival in Liberty Park, NJ, and I underestimated her big-time. With Jimi Hendrix guitar skills, and sultry vocals, Annie Clark is a stead-fast rising star. 

The hype began earlier this year when she launched her sophomore smash album, Actor, on May 5, which included instant indie rock classics like "Actor Out of Work" and "The Strangers." Music critics everywhere went bonkers for the album, and it's my belief, Actor is one of the best albums of the year. 

What band isn't better live, right? Well, Annie Clark brings a special dimension to her live shows that the album doesn't even come close to skimming. Clark is unlike any female guitarist I've seen all year. Her guitar skills alone are savage and are well worth the trip to see. The supporting band, as well, uses eclectic instruments like the accordion to complement Clark's unique talent. 

For only a 45 minute drive, seeing St. Vincent is well-worth the trip and more. Also, plan to get your tickets early, because this show should be packed. 

Check out below her latest video for her single, "Marrow."

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