SA elections: Allie Curtis wins presidency

Curtis becomes the first female SA president since the 52nd session.

Allie CurtisWith almost 30 percent of the vote, Allie Curtis was declared the Syracuse University Student Association president of the 57th session.

“I am so honored to have been elected to serve as SA president. This has been a dream of mine since I came to Syracuse and recognized my love of this university and my power to incite change,” said Curtis in a press release.

Curtis was one of four candidates that ran for president. Right now, she is the vice president of SA. Voting took place Nov. 12-15.

Curtis received 1,221 votes while her opponents, PJ Alampi, Kyle Coleman and Iggy Nava received 937, 896 and 773 votes, respectively.

Nearly 29 percent of the undergraduate student body voted, surpassing last year’s 26.1 percent, according to the press release. In total, 2,046 students — or 13.5 percent of the student body — voted.

In her campaign, Curtis, a public relations and political science junior, has promised “real results” if elected.

“My heartfelt gratitude goes out to my campaign team and the voters for making this all possible,” she said.

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