Local Act to Watch: Sarongs

Sarongs latest gig at The Lost Horizon proved there's no excuse to miss their next one.

If you haven’t listened to Sarongs yet, do it now. Click away from whatever other
diversion you’re currently enthralled with and check them out. Then make every effort to see
them play live as soon and as often as you can. February 26 at The Lost Horizon would be a good start.

There’s so much more that I could say as well. I could tell you about frontwoman
Lindsey Leonard pinballing across the stage and absolutely owning every minute she has out in
front of the band as she's cooing and screaming alternately about Wikileaks, suburban dead-end B.S. and every flavor of sexual proclivity. I could tell you about the band's careening compositions that sound like Gang Of Four and Maps and Atlases trying to play chase music from old Scooby Doo episodes.

I could talk about their show last Saturday night at The Lost Horizon, where those who
braved the snowy roads (I actually had to bail my car out of my driveway twice to get there) got
to witness a super tight Sarongs flail through a high energy set. All their swagger and chaotic math-
rock riffs spewed into the crowd like cracked out televangelists. Everyone who saw it got
saved…where were you?

Ultimately, you need to see it and hear it to believe it. It’s about time there was
a band like this in Syracuse; the kind that grabs you by the back of the head and dunks you
under water while they laugh and trade high fives. It’s wild and unforgiving and absolutely fantastic. Do yourself and the rest of the Syracuse music scene a favor and check them out
right now. The world needs more spectacles like this.


Photos by Alex Pines

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