Kellianne Jones: Beijing

Looking forward to an excellent exchange rate, smog and a brand new language.

I’m headed to Beijing, China for five months to study at Tsinghua University through SU Abroad.

Leading up to my departure, I feel nervous thinking about the heavy smog that may require me to wear a mask, and pretty excited thinking about the 7:1 currency-exchange rate. My stay in China will span over winter, spring, and summer, which makes packing difficult. While there, I’ll have to adjust to an entirely new cuisine that includes duck and deep-fried starfish, in addition to a daily, four-hour long, Chinese language class. There’s no doubt that this abroad program tests its participants as both travelers and students.

Following my arrival in China, I will participate in a mandatory seminar that includes travel to two major cities, Xian and Shanghai. Then I’ll return to Beijing, where I’ll brave the infamously dangerous drivers in the city, celebrate Chinese New Year festivities, and eat  $4 meals in Tsinghua’s dining halls.

Although riding my bike through the Chinese capital’s traffic will be adventure enough, I’m positive that my experiences will span wider than the city’s limits. Hiking the Great Wall, visiting the four Buddhist holy mountains, and traveling to Tibet via railroad are all on the agenda for now. My adventurous personality will have me roaming around the entire Asian continent before my semester is over. Wherever the semester takes me, my cameras and notebook will capture everything I come across while in the Far East.

Kellianne is a junior at SU. She wrote this post before leaving for Beijing, and has exciting updates to come.

Kelly, When did you get so


When did you get so old? It feels like yesterday that I pushed you on the swings in the backyard. You have grown into a beautiful young lady and I am so proud of you. Imagine you being such a world traveller...I had a hard time getting my girls to go to college in Kentucky!!! Have a safe trip and keep the updates coming. Love you, Nancy

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